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Wheel Building Tuition

Build your own wheel in 2 hours with our guidance

One of our most popular tuition topics, within a couple of hours you can walk away with a brand new wheel hand-made by you. Imagine that! Some of our previous customers have cycled literally half-way around the world on wheels they've built themselves (and perhaps just as importantly, they also had the knowledge to repair a wheel in the middle of nowhere if they encountered a large pot-hole).


The tuition session to lace, true and finish one wheel normally takes around 2 hours. If you want to learn about hub and rim measurements and spoke length calculations, add approximately another half-hour beforehand. If you're building a pair of wheels we normally suggest you have a go at building the second wheel at home yourself afterwards, and then book another half-hour session a few days later so we can help you with any problems, answer any questions, and help you finish the wheel. Or if you prefer we can build the second wheel during a tuition session as well, it's entirely up to you.


You are welcome to bring along your own hubs and rims if you like, or we can advise and supply something suitable after discussing your requirements. We keep a good range of spokes in stock so can normally supply these on the spot after calculating the required lengths.

Cost and Booking

Special Offer - 25% off tuition - normally £45 per hour, now £33.75

Tuition is charged at £45 per hour (incl. VAT). There is no minimum charge so if you only need e.g. 15 minutes, we only charge £10. If you want to bring along friends, they only pay half price.

Tuition is available between 10 and 5 Monday to Friday. By prior arrangement we can also book a session in the evening, but tuition is not normally available on weekends. Just call or email to book your session. We request payment in advance. Non-refundable if cancelled within 48 hours of the session.

Special offer terms and conditions: Only applies to tuition fees, not any parts or accessories. Discount only applies to tuition carried out in our workshop, not available for Dr. Bike sessions or off-site tuition. Cannot be combined with any other discounts, special offers or price reductions. Not transferable or refundable. You must ask for this discount at time of payment, discounts cannot be applied retrospectively. We reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time without prior notice. E&OE.

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