Wheel Security

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Standard quick-release levers mean your wheels or saddle could be stolen in a matter of seconds by a thief, even without tools. Anti-theft skewers replace the quick-release system with something more secure, and mean you don't have to remember to lock your wheels.

Allen key skewers

Allen key skewers

£5 each

These at least slow the thief down and mean that an allen key has to be used. Available individually or as a set.

Security skewers

Security skewers

£13 per set

For added peace of mind, these skewers cannot be opened by a normal Allen key and are provided with a special shaped key instead. Available only as a complete set for both wheels and saddle.

Extender cable

Extender cable


If you want to keep the quick-release levers on your wheels, but are worried about them being stolen, you can use this cable to secure the front wheel, whilst a D-lock will secure the rear wheel and bike frame. There's no need for an additional lock because the D-lock will double-up as a padlock for this cable.


Jubilee clips and P-clips

50p to £2.00 each

If you're on a tight budget and don't mind the home-made look, jubilee clips or P-clips can be used to hold the quick-release levers in place so that the wheels cannot be released without using an allen key and spanner. Probably at least as secure as using Allen key wheel skewers (above).


Jubilee clip around the fork blade


Plastic or metal p-clip attached to a mudguard eye


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