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Used Bikes

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Fully reconditioned secondhand bikes for sale in Bristol

Any secondhand bikes we currently have are listed below, and we update the website daily. If no suitable used bikes are listed below, try our bike finder service to receive an email as soon as a bike for you becomes available.


All our second-hand bikes are fully stripped down and reconditioned, with:

  • 6 month warranty (unless otherwise stated)

  • 7-day money-back guarantee

  • 2-week free tune-up

  • Anti-theft certificate

These are not simply used bikes; any worn out parts are replaced so they are functionally and mechanically as good as new.

Marin Hawk Hill

Marin Hawk Hill - £265

Aluminium urban mountain bike with a conventional ('gents') frame
Size: 17" (43cm)
Gears: 24-speed
Price: £265

REDUCED: used frame and fork but all new parts, reduced from £285

Raleigh Pioneer ladies hybrid

Raleigh Pioneer ladies hybrid - £245

Aluminium hybrid bike with a step-through open ('ladies') frame
Size: 15" (38cm)
Gears: 21-speed
Price: £245

REDUCED: used frame and fork but all new parts, reduced from £285

Dutch-style city bike

Dutch-style city bike - £650

Aluminium dutch-style bike with a step-through open ('ladies') frame
Size: 17" (43cm)
Gears: 7-speed
Price: £650

One-off ladies bike built by Jake's Bikes


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All products only available from our shop in central Bristol, not available online or by mail-order, sorry. However we can send gift vouchers by post.

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