Fed up of being patronised by unhelpful mechanics? Just want to get an honest repair job done? We can help!

CytechWe specialise in providing helpful, friendly, cost-effective servicing and repairs, and we always offer an assessment before working on your bike so you know the price before you're committed to going ahead with any repairs. We have  Cytech level 2 qualified mechanics, and it goes without saying that we always take a professional, thorough approach to working on any bike old or new, cheap or expensive.



Basic serviceBasic Service: £30


Full serviceFull Service: £50 + parts


Brakes serviceBrakes Service: £10 + parts (front or rear)


Gears serviceGears Service: £10 + parts (front or rear)


Wheel truingWheel Truing: £12


TuitionTuition, any other work: £40/hr


Please see the price list for a description of what's included in each type of service.


We always offer a full assessment so you can get an honest opinion and quote before you commit to any servicing. 


The workshop is normally booked up a few days in advance so it's best to phone us to make an appointment.



"Just wanted to thank you for doing a really good job with my bike yesterday. I could really tell the difference when I cycled it home, it feels so much smoother and easier to ride and my new knowledge of the gear workings is a big help!!"

Kathryn Engel, Bristol



Flat Tyre?

  • To thoroughly check the tyre and wheel, remove any glass/thorns, fit a new tube, and refit the tyre and wheel costs £15 including a good quality Schwalbe or Continental inner tube, and can normally be done while you wait.

  • Alternatively we now have a customer pump and basic tools outside, so if you prefer to just buy a puncture repair kit or inner tube you can do the work yourself for free. (See our video tutorial and our basic maintenance info sheet for a few tips).

  • Or for around £15 we can teach you how to fix a puncture yourself, so you'll never have to pay again!


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