Brompton Servicing and Repair

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Brompton Servicing and Repair

We enjoy working on Bromptons, they're very well designed and cleverly thought out little bikes. Despite being over 30 years old and largely unchanged in that time, a Brompton is still the best folding bike available for commuting purposes. And they're designed to last: the Brompton is very well engineered and almost all the components are interchangeable and still available as spare parts.


However, they are a little bit different to work on compared to a 'normal' bike, and it's important to get things like the chain length and cable routing correct. At Jake's Bikes we can carry out almost any servicing or repair work on a Brompton: not only standard overhaul of brakes and gears and wheel building, but also hub stripping and repair, and we've even done a couple of frame and hinge repairs.


We keep common Brompton spares such as tyres, wheel rims and rear sprockets in stock, and we have an account with Brompton so can order anything else within a couple of days.


Just call us to book your Brompton into the workshop.

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