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5 tips for Autumn & Winter cycling

5 tips for Autumn & Winter cycling
Monday 23 October 2017

Five top tips for maintaining your bike in Autumn and Winter


0% finance now available
Tuesday 10 October 2017

Get a new bike now, pay over 12 months - interest free

Starting cycling this Bike Week

Starting cycling this Bike Week
Monday 12 June 2017

Starting cycling this Bike Week: 5 tips to get yourself back on the saddle.


50% grant for sustainable travel in workplaces
Tuesday 16 May 2017

Could you use your grant to save 50% on the cost of a fleet of Bristol Bicycles for your workplace?


Join us to celebrate 2 years of Bristol Bicycles
Monday 27 March 2017

Come for a gentle, family-friendly bike ride and a behind-the-scenes peek at the workshop


Full Time Bike Mechanic
Monday 13 March 2017

Our friends at The Bristol Bike Project are looking for a full-time mechanic to join their team


Keep Prince Street Bridge traffic-free
Tuesday 27 September 2016

Campaign to keep Prince St Bridge for people walking and cycling


Buy Bristol Bicycles online
Friday 12 August 2016

You can now buy our Bristol Bicycles online for delivery anywhere in the UK

Tax-free bikes for commuting

Tax-free bikes for commuting
Monday 4 July 2016

All major cycle scheme providers now accepted

Phew! 29 bikes serviced in ten hours

Phew! 29 bikes serviced in ten hours
Tuesday 28 June 2016

We've just completed a couple of Dr. Bike sessions for Triodos Bank staff

Bristol Bicycles annual servicing

Bristol Bicycles annual servicing
Tuesday 14 June 2016

Have we made our Bristol Bicycles almost too reliable?!?


50% off Bristol Bicycles for businesses?
Thursday 9 June 2016

Grant could make Bristol Bicycles half price for businesses


NEW: check availability and book online
Tuesday 17 May 2016

Check our workshop availability in real-time and request a booking online


Join us at Cycle Sunday
Wednesday 11 May 2016

A traffic-free family ride around Durdham Downs on Sunday 22nd May, 9:00 to 12:00


Sky Ride Bristol is back
Saturday 14 May 2016

Sign up for a traffic-free ride around Bristol on Sunday 19th June


Space4Cycling Ride on 15th May
Tuesday 10 May 2016

Cycle to Bristol City Hall to show support for a more cycle-friendly Bristol - Sunday 15th May at 1:30pm


Report Bristol Cycling Bugbears
Monday 9 May 2016

New Council website for reporting your bugbears with cycling facilities in Bristol


Space 4 Cycling campaign
Monday 14 March 2016

New campaign is launched to make Space 4 Cycling a key election issue in Bristol

Around Europe on a Bristol Bicycle!

Around Europe on a Bristol Bicycle!
Thursday 10 March 2016

Bristol graphic designer Stephanie Weise cycled accross Europe on her new Bristol Bicycle


New Whiteladies model in stock
Thursday 3 December 2015

The best of both worlds: an upright Dutch-style bike, but lightweight and with lots of gears


Petition: Keep and extend 20mph limits
Saturday 21 November 2015

"Huge positive impact on cycling by allowing cyclists to keep up with the flow of traffic or, when this is not possible, making cars pass more safely"


Video guides for new cyclists
Thursday 12 November 2015

CTC launches video guides for helping new cyclists to get on their bikes


Safe overtaking distance
Friday 30 October 2015

How much space should you leave when overtaking a cyclist?


Jake's Bikes supplies UWE with student bikes
Monday 12 October 2015

Video about us providing the University of the West of England with 75 Bristol Bicycles for their new loan scheme


How to Overtake Cyclists Safely
Monday 17 August 2015

New bike industry-funded video goes viral, with 300,000 views in the first week


Is any of these bikes yours?
Saturday 1 August 2015

Bristol police upload photos of stolen bikes in the hope of finding their rightful owners


Jake's Bikes featured by Triodos Bank
Monday 20 July 2015

Jake's Bikes is highlighted in Triodos Bank's website and publication "The Colour of Money"


We now accept Cycle to Work vouchers
Tuesday 19 May 2015

Tax-free bikes: save over 25% - get a Bristol Bicycle for as little as £250 and spread the cost over 12 or 18 months


Freelance Cycle Instructors Wanted at Life Cycle
Tuesday 5 May 2015

Bristol cycle charity looking for new cycle instructors in Bristol and North Somerset area

Lord Mayor and Mayoress try out Bristol Bicycles

Lord Mayor and Mayoress try out Bristol Bicycles
Sunday 19 April 2015

Today we lent a couple of Bristol Bicycles to the Lord Mayor and Mayoress for Cycling Sunday on the Downs


Section of Railway Path to be widened due to popularity of cycling
Saturday 18th April 2015

Diversion will be in place for 10 weeks from 20th April during the works; will be clearly signposted say the Council


Bristol Bicycles on the radio
Sunday 5 April 2015

Jake on BBC Radio Bristol speaking about our new Bristol Bicycles (listen from 01:11:00)


A bike that fits
Thursday 19 March 2015

Jake's bike sizing advice published in the Bristol Evening Post


Bristol Bicycles Launch Event
Saturday 7 March 2015

Bristol Bicycles to hold launch event and prize draw on on 25th - all are welcome


This is pretty inspiring
Thursday 5 February 2015

Council publish Bristol Cycle Strategy to get loads more people cycling by 2020

Free lunchtime talks for workplaces

Free lunchtime talks for workplaces
Thursday 11 December 2014

Would your workplace benefit from a free lunchtime presentation about cycling? Get in touch with us!


Safe Cycling for Kids on the Downs
Sunday 30 November 2014

A great proposal to make a temporary cycle-only route around Durdham Downs on Sunday mornings in 2015


Westminster University research shows More cycling will benefit all
Friday 17 October 2014

New paper says investing in cycling would save the NHS £17 billion, reduce road deaths by 30%, and increase mobility of poorest families by 25%


New Bristol-designed Quick Caps bike lock
Tuesday 30 September 2014

Local wheel locking innovation seeks crowdfunding to move into mass production. Can you help?


Our cities don't need more cyclists, they need more wheeled pedestrians
Monday 15 September 2014

New Zealand blogger writes about the difference between 'cyclists' and 'people on bikes'

You can tell it's wet weather when...

You can tell it's wet weather when...
Tuesday 26 August 2014

The workshop is quiet today so if you need any last-minute repairs or adjustments, give us a call


Why do cyclists ride in the middle of the road?
Sunday 11th May 2014

Excellent article in Motoring magazine about how and why cyclists should not ride in the gutter


Life Cycle UK is Recruiting
Saturday 10 May 2014

Bristol cycling charity is looking for a new Lead Mechanic


Number of cyclists on Bristol's roads doubles in ten years
Sunday 6 April 2014

Census data shows a 94 per cent increase in cycle commuters since 2001

Spring clearout: SPECIAL OFFERS

Spring clearout: SPECIAL OFFERS
Friday 4 April 2014

We are having a spring clean and have lots of old stock reduced to approx half price


Free bike pumps in Bristol
Thursday 3 April 2014

Has anyone tried the new free bike pumps yet?

Production Line

Production Line
Saturday 15 February 2014

We've started building bikes in batches of five, almost like a mini production line :-)

New Customer Pump and Toolkit

New Customer Pump and Toolkit
Friday 14 February 2014

Track pump and tool station, free for customers to use


Cycling could save the NHS £250m
Thursday 13 February 2014

Motorists swapping the car for just five minutes of riding each day would cut heart disease, diabetes and strokes, says Cambridge research

Stormy Saturdays are great

Stormy Saturdays are great
Saturday 8 February 2014

Plenty of time to chat to customers - we just got a beautiful hand-drawn thank you card from @AGreatrixArtist

Even brighter front lights at half price

Even brighter front lights at half price
Friday 31 January 2014

We've just unpacked some Smart 35 lux front lights, half price at £20 (RRP £39.99)

End of Cycle Lane

End of Cycle Lane
Saturday 1 February 2014

Council remove badly designed cycle lane near Jake's Bikes


Radio 4 programme about cycling safety
Wednesday 22 January 2014

Dr Kevin Fong evaluates the realities of travelling by bike on UK roads


We've been saying this for years!
Friday 24 January 2014

Britain's new cycling minister calls for more 'everyday' riders


20mph rollout starts today
Monday 20 January 2014

From today, central Bristol is now a 20mph zone. Other areas will follow by April


Gloucester Road cycle lanes petition
Wednesday 1 January 2014

New petition calls for installation of uninterrupted cycle lanes on Gloucester Road


D-Locks - busting some myths
Friday 13 December 2013

Stolen Bristol Bikes' great blogpost on why people are wrong to mistrust D-locks

Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday
Friday 6 December 2013

Shop local for Christmas this weekend to support your favourite small businesses


Cycling levels up in Bristol
Sunday 1 December 2013

Big Commuter Count 2013 shows record level of cycle commuting


Bristol Road Safety Summit
Thursday 21 November 2013

Weds Dec 11th at 4pm - if you would like to attend, click the link to register

Our new flyers have just arrived

Our new flyers have just arrived
Tuesday 19 November 2013

Please pop in and pick some up if you'd like to help spread the word about Jake's Bikes

NOT cycling is massively more dangerous than cycling

NOT cycling is massively more dangerous than cycling
Monday 18 November 2013

One simple graph belies all the media exaggeration about the risks of cycling


No Road Justice on Gloucester Road
Saturday 16 November 2013

Very interesting article about police response to bad driving on busy Bristol road

Jake's Bikes have a new courtesy bike

Jake's Bikes have a new courtesy bike
Monday 11 November 2013

Free for the first day when your bike is being worked on


Is this a photo of your stolen bike?
Friday 8 November 2013

Bristol police upload gallery of recovered bikes. Do you recognise any of them?


Cycling City funding does work
Monday 4 November 2013

New research paper finds cycling projects like Bristol's represent money well spent

£100 off our Mongoose XS hybrid bikes

£100 off our Mongoose XS hybrid bikes
Saturday 5th October 2013

Another three Mongoose Crossway hybrids now on sale at £280


What to Ask When Buying a New Bike
Sunday 29 September 2013

Five crafty questions to pop if you're shopping for a new commuting bike

1955 Sturmey Archer hub gear

1955 Sturmey Archer hub gear
Sunday 15th September 2013

What other company still has spare parts available 60 years later?


Freedom to Ride!
Monday 1 July 2013

Get involved, spread the word: Bristol's new cycling Manifesto aims to quadruple cycling by 2025


Jake's Bikes is 5!
Saturday 23 March 2013

It is just over five years since Jake's Bikes opened for business

How not to lock a bike

How not to lock a bike
Monday 11 March 2013

Spotted nearby: possibly the world's worst bike lock

New mobile website

New mobile website
Wednesday 27 February 2013

Jake's Bikes now has a mobile-optimised website for smartphones


Bristol Cycle Hire
Thursday 6 December 2012

Jake's Bikes featured in article on bike hire in Bristol


Bristol Police 'steal' bikes to test reaction
Thursday 8 November 2012

Police film officer "stealing" bicycles in public to show how easy it is for a thief to get away unchallenged


Glowing testimonials
Friday 19 October 2012

Jake's Bikes is among the local bike shops recommended in Evening Post article


New Video Tutorial
Wednesday 10 October 2012

In the first of a series of videos, Jake shows how to replace an inner tube


Jake video interview
Sunday 23 September 2012

Jake is interviewed by the Considerate Cycling Campaign


Tagalong for hire
Sunday 23 September 2012

We now have a kids trailer-bike available for long-term hire

Free customer pump

Free customer pump
Thursday 30 August 2012

Basic toolkit and track pump for all to use


Mayor for Bristol
Tuesday 28 August 2012

Which mayoral candidate will be best for cycling?


Bristol Evening Post feature us!
Friday 13 July 2012

Jake's Bikes is featured in a round-up of local bike maintenance courses


NEW: Cycle Hire
Monday 2 April 2012

We now have hire bikes available for daily, weekend or weekly rental


Want to Start Cycling?
Tuesday 3 January 2012

We are now offering beginners advice sessions for free

Nominated for Award

Nominated for Award
Thursday 25 August 2011

Jake's Bikes announced as finalist for cycle industry award


New products online
Wednesday 20 July 2011

We've added a whole new shop section to the website


Bristol's first Vintage Velo
Sunday 17 April 2011

Celebration of vintage bikes (and clothing!) was a great success


Bristol Evening Post Article
Saturday 26 March 2011

Jake's Bikes is featured in Bristol's daily newspaper

We have moved!

We have moved!
Tuesday 25 January 2011

We're now in a shop unit by the Bus Station

Nominated for retailer award

Nominated for retailer award
Thursday 12 August 2010

Jake's Bikes announced as finalist for cycle industry award

Profile: Jake's Bikes

Profile: Jake's Bikes
Monday 17 May 2010

Article published in 'Boneshaker' magazine


Pete gains Cytech
Monday 11 January 2010

Mechanic Pete earns industry standard Cytech qualification


Jake's Bikes takes on new staff
Sunday 1 March 2009

New mechanic joins Jake in the workshop


New Charity Work
Monday 23 February 2009

Jake's Bikes supports the Bristol Bike Project


New photo gallery online
Tuesday 19 August 2008

A gallery of some of Jake's bikes on their travels

Jake's Bikes in BikeBiz

Jake's Bikes in BikeBiz
Tuesday 1 April 2008

Jake's Bikes is this month featured in BikeBiz magazine


Jake's Bikes Now Open for Business
Sunday 10 February 2008

Jake's Bikes officially opened on Monday 10th February 2008


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