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These are archived newsletters, so information, specifications and prices may be out of date or incorrect by now

New hire bikes, floral panniers, and welcome to Colin

Special Offer


Bike Hire


We now have a fleet of hire bikes at our shop in Bristol city centre. Day-hire costs £12.50, or weekend hire is £20, and as a special offer we are currently offering weekly hire for £50.

The bikes are comfortable, lightweight hybrids with 24 gears and puncture-resistant tyres, in a choice of three sizes with ladies or gents frames, and all are fitted with mudguards and a luggage rack or basket. Helmets and bike locks are provided at no extra cost, and pannier bags or boxes are available to hire for just £5 extra.


Weekly hire now only £50

(normally £65)

If you want to give cycling a try, or want to show your guests a side of Bristol accessible only by bike, a week-long hire period will allow you complete flexibility to use the bike whenever and wherever you like.

See for full details.

Please give us a ring to make a booking, or just drop in and hire one.


Jake's Bikes is 4 years old

It is now just over four years since Jake rented a small corner of a workshop in Montpelier and started repairing bikes. Since then, we have:

  • Sold approximately 700 reconditioned used bikes

  • Serviced and repaired thousands of customers' bikes

  • Taught hundreds of people anything from basic puncture repair to advanced wheel building in our one-to-one tuition sessions

  • Become a limited company and employed four more staff

We have also just published last year's financial accounts - see In summary: after staff wages were taken into account, the used bike sales didn't even quite break even; servicing and repair jobs made enough money to cover the rent and overheads; other than our wages we made no profit, so we remain committed to doing good stuff rather than making loads of money!



Colin joins the team

We are very pleased to have been joined in April by Colin Fan, who now works with us part-time as a mechanic and shop assistant. One of the founders of the Bristol Bike Project, Colin still volunteers there once a week. He is a keen cyclist and mountain biker, and divides his time between Bristol and Cardiff.










New products: rear rack boxes, floral-pattern panniers and useful cargo nets

Just the thing to make your Grandmother jealous: we now have the last remaining tartan rack-top boxes, ideal for transforming a vintage bike and giving it a touch of class. This is a modern version of the bags that came with small-wheeled shoppers of the late 1960s and 1970s, an improved design which folds flat and employs more durable leather straps. Made by Cycle Chic UK, they no longer seem to be available, so come in and snap one of the last ones up!


We also recently got some flowery panniers, made by Kitsch Kitchen. They have a main compartment and two smaller pockets in the front, and clever little cover that zips over the pannier hooks so they are hidden when the pannier is used as a handbag. The material is showerproof, but the zip to the main compartment is at the top of the bag, so this isn't a fully waterproof pannier.   


If you have a basket fitted to your bike and find that your luggage is trying to escape, we now have cargo nets in stock - they fit over the basket and make it easier to keep bulky items secure, and are priced at a very reasonable £5 each. 









Fenwick's FS-1 Citrus DegreaserBulk degreaser

We have started buying citrus degreaser in bulk, so we can now dispense it in whatever quantity you require, saving both money and packaging. It's an eco-friendly water-based detergent, but is powerful enough to cut through even the dirtiest oil and grease. It costs £1 per 100ml - just bring along an empty plastic bottle in whatever size you would like.








We're officially a "Female Friendly Bike Shop"

ACT (Association of Cycle Traders) in association with the Breeze Network recognise bike shops that encourage more women to cycle by offering bikes, accessories and advice specific to women.

If you visited our shop recently you may have noticed we have a new sticker in our window. It says 'female-friendly bike shop', and we are proud to have earned it. As well as bikes and accessories, we aim to offer friendly and non-patronising advice, and if you have any feedback, suggestions or requests, send them to us - they will be much appreciated.

As well as advice from our personal experience, we are starting to build our own little library of cycling books. Our most popular book so far is the CTC Guide to Family Cycling, which is one of the best sources of information on cycling with children. Just pop in to borrow it and to have a look at our other books.


MAINTENANCE TIPS: pump up your tyres!

We've seen a number of customers recently who've neglected to pump up their tyres regularly, leading to all sorts of problems including frequent punctures, cracked tyre sidewalls - and simply finding the bike slow and inefficient to ride.

All inner tubes are slightly porous, so they will leak air over time. High quality inner tubes tend to leak more slowly than cheaper ones, but they all need to have their pressure topped up every now and then. On a road bike with skinny, high-pressure tyres you might need to do this every week. On a mountain bike with fat, low-pressure tyres you might only need to inflate them every couple of months. Medium width hybrid bike tyres should typically be checked every month or so.

If you hate pumping up your tyres and always find it really hard to do so, it's probably because... READ MORE >>>


Wobbly Cycling GroupGuest Feature: Wobbly Cycling Group

The Wobbly Cycling Group exists to help new adult cyclists to get out and practice riding without any pressure of traffic, goals or competition and with company and moral support.

The idea is to imitate the experience of learning as a child - no pressure, just good company and perhaps a coffee or a picnic, keeping on cycle paths and with the knowledge that there is someone to lend a hand if you get a puncture or have a fall. Most of all, the aim is to make it fun!

"This is what it took to get me out on my unused bike.... lessons were fine but the 'practice' never happened as it meant me going out on my own and being scared" says Diane Holness who set up the Wobbly Cycling Group in January this year. "I think if it worked for me it would work for other people who would like to cycle."

If someone wants to organise a ride they can suggest a time and place on Facebook and it will be added to the events - then others can join in. See or if you're not on facebook, email


These are archived newsletters, so information, specifications and prices may be out of date or incorrect by now

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