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- SOLD -

Condor Fixed Wheel

Condor Fixed Wheel

Custom built fixie

There is a small dent in one side of the downtube, but the frame is still straight and true and the damage is purely cosmetic rather than structural. Being an £800 bike originally, we feel the price we are now selling it for reflects its current condition.

Steel singlespeed / fixed gear with a conventional ('gents') frame, in very good condition: cosmetically tatty but in very good mechanical order. Comes with a 6-month warranty, 7-day money-back guarantee and 2-week free tune-up.

Price: £335


  • singlespeed / fixed gear show more info...

  • conventional ('gents') frame show more info...

  • Frame size: 22" (56cm) show more info...

  • fixed gear

  • Dual-pivot calliper brakes


  • Puncture-resistant tyres

  • Double-walled rims

  • Fully checked and serviced in our reconditioning system and comes with brand new brake cable(s), chain, chainrings/crankset, wheel rim(s), saddle, rebuilt wheel bearing(s)

- SOLD -


All products only available from our shop in central Bristol, not available online or by mail-order, sorry. However we can send gift vouchers by post.

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