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These are archived newsletters, so information, specifications and prices may be out of date or incorrect by now

Special offer on bike covers, new staff, and new consultation service

Free consultations for new cyclists

If you know someone who is thinking about giving cycling a go, we are offering a new service allowing them to book a half-hour one-to-one beginners advice session and ask as many questions as they like, for free. We can offer:

  • Impartial, honest, non-technical information aimed at 'normal' people rather than sporty, lycra-clad cyclists

  • Advice on what type and size of bike would suit you, and how much to spend

  • Realistic assessment of which accessories and extras are necessary or useful - and which really aren't!

  • Test-ride any bike we have in stock (away from roads if preferred)

  • Jargon-free advice for beginners on basic maintenance

  • Referral to other services such as subsidised adult cycle training, free loan bikes, further information and reading material, etc.

Just give us a ring on 0117 329 7363 to arrange an appointment



Tuition Christmas Gifts

What do you buy a cyclist who has everything? Knowledge and skills! A couple of hours of bespoke tuition is the ideal Christmas present.


Gift vouchers are always available to purchase from Jake's Bikes, but if you're stuck for ideas for an original present, we suggest a bespoke tuition session. We can cover anything from puncture repairs and very basic maintenance to advanced topics such as wheelbuilding. And if you want another way to spend more family quality time, we can fit up to three people in the workshop for the same price.


See the tuition section on the website for more details, or give us a call on 0117 329 7363 to book an appointment or buy gift vouchers.   



New Saturday Staff

Last month Andrew Hedger joined us at Jake's Bikes. Andy, who is a mature student in his first year of an Architecture degree at UWE, works with us as a shop and workshop assistant on Saturdays.


Andy is our fourth permanent member of staff, see the website to read more.



Courtesy Bikes

We now have two courtesy bikes available to borrow whilst your bike is being serviced, useful for customers who rely on cycling as everyday transport. One of them is a folding bike which is highly adjustable to suit almost any size of rider, and has a luggage rack. The other is a large-wheeled folding bike, suitable for riders who are at least 5'7" tall. Please let us know beforehand if you would like to make use of a courtesy bike whilst yours is in the workshop for repairs and we'll do our best to make sure that one is available.



Product of the Month: Rucksack Pannier

Rucksack pannierA full-size waterproof pannier when on the bike, it transforms instantly into a rucksack complete with padded shoulder straps and a sternum strap when taken off the bike.


Made by long-established UK manufacturer Carradice, in business since the 1930s. This pannier is the perfect solution for the urban cyclist who has shorter journeys with many stops: unlike other designs, the pannier fittings are installed on one side of the bag and the shoulder straps are located on the other, eliminating the need to fit a rucksack conversion system - just take it off the bike, turn around and put it on your back.


Previous versions had a problem with the fabric, meaning that it lost its waterproofness after a few months of use, but following feedback from Jake's Bikes, Carradice have now replaced it with a tougher design. 


See the website for more details or pop in and have a look for yourself.


MAINTENANCE TIPS: Preventative Maintenance

A lot of maintenance problems, which do not make a bike unsafe to ride, are nevertheless easier and cheaper to fix early than to leave until they're really, really broken. Every spring we see bikes that have suffered typical winter damage. By then it is often too late... READ MORE >>>


Guest Feature: Velocity Cycle Logistics, Bristol's new pedal-powered courier co-op

In a previous newsletter we've mentioned Pedal Walla, a cycle rickshaw company set up last year in Bristol for people transport. Now there is a new pedal-powered option for freight too. Velocity Cycle Logistics is a brand new co-operative dedicated to providing affordable deliveries of packages and parcels, often cheaper and far faster than a normal van or car could.
Founders Mick Mack and Melvyn Newton say:
"We think that Bristol needs a system for delivering letters, packages and small freight that lightens the load on the city’s transport network. We think that businesses and organisations need a courier system that they can rely on and saves them money. And Bristol needs a courier system that reflects and enhances its status as a cycling city and builds on its reputation for pioneering solutions to environmental challenges."
Velocity Cycle Logistics provide express, 2-hour or 4-hour deliveries within a 2-mile radius of the city centre for as little as £4 per item. As a special introductory offer, at the moment the first delivery is free for all new customers. Call 07972 345 972 or see for more information.

These are archived newsletters, so information, specifications and prices may be out of date or incorrect by now

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