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Anti-Theft Measures

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Precautions taken to help prevent buying and selling stolen goods

All used bikes we sell come with a certificate issued by www.checkmend.com, the database used by the majority of UK police forces to check property theft. This certificate means that the bike you are buying is guaranteed not to have been reported as lost or stolen.


As an additional precaution we request proof of ID and proof of address from individuals from whom we buy second-hand bikes. We keep proper records of all bikes bought and sold including make, model and frame number, meaning that the purchase and sale process is fully transparent and open. This also means that if you purchase a bike from Jake's Bikes and then have the misfortune of it being stolen, the police should find it on the database and contact us if it is ever recovered, and we can attempt to reunite you with it!


Any found or donated bikes whose provenance cannot be adequately identified are reported to Avon and Somerset police. They compare the description and frame number with their records and keep the details on file. Only after 6 weeks, and if a bike of matching description has not been reported stolen, is the bike is deemed to be legitimate and put up for sale.





All products only available from our shop in central Bristol, not available online or by mail-order, sorry. However we can send gift vouchers by post.

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