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These are archived newsletters, so information, specifications and prices may be out of date or incorrect by now

Photo credit: bike builds

Are you getting a bike for Christmas? Whether a new bike in a box which needs assembling, or a used bike which needs a service or safety-check, give us a call to book it in. A tune-up and checkup is £20, or our standard service is £35.


Jake's Bikes is open until 5:30 on Tuesday 22nd December, and will then be open between Christmas and the new year on 30th and 31st December, before reopening for the new year on Monday 4th January.

Christmas Gift Vouchers

Are you looking for a present for that keen cyclist but don't know what they need for their bike? Or perhaps (like me) you've not even started your Christmas shopping yet? Get some Jake's Bikes gift vouchers this Christmas!

Gift vouchers are available in £5, £10, £20 and £50 tokens and these can of course be bought in multiples to make other amounts, e.g. £25 or £100. Please contact us to purchase yours.

Tip of the month: grinding or scraping brakes

If your brakes start making a grinding, scraping or hissing noise, check the brake blocks immediately. They will either be worn right down to the metal, or there will be a small stone chipping or piece of glass embedded in the rubber material of the brake block. Both are common occurrences at this time of year thanks to the rain, grit and salt on the roads.

Worn blocks must be replaced immediately. Continued use of a brake block which is completely worn out will very quickly wear out your wheel rim as well, a much more expensive problem to repair.

Debris in the brake block can normally be removed fairly easily using the tip of a very small screwdriver or similar. Sometimes a stone chipping or similar will be obvious and can just be scraped away. Sometimes the brake block will look as though it has small flecks of metal embedded in its surface: these are in fact an accumulation of aluminium rubbed off the wheel rim by some piece of debris lodged underneath. Scrape these off the brake block as well as the offending chipping or piece of glass underneath.


Guest Feature: T-Cycle T-shirts

T-cycle is an eco friendly t-shirt printer based in Bristol, specialising in printing bicycle-themed prints onto locally sourced recycled t-shirts. By reusing existing textiles, and using eco-friendly dyes, T-Cycle is minimising the pollution for cycle fashion. The name 'T-Cycle' not only represents cycling but also recycling as all the t-shirts are reused, or new ones that never got worn. By choosing to buy a T-cycle product you cut out the pollution from the growing and manufacturing stages.

T-cycle products are available to buy online at or can be collected direct from T-cycle in Bristol by calling Polly on 07734 958 866. The Bristol Green Store also stocks T-cycle clothing both at its Bedmister shop and at Saint Nicholas Market in the City Centre, where additional street markets will be held in the run up to Christmas.


Merry Christmas from Jake's Bikes!

These are archived newsletters, so information, specifications and prices may be out of date or incorrect by now

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