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These are archived newsletters, so information, specifications and prices may be out of date or incorrect by now

Used bikesUsed bikes now in stock

Having had a bit of a shortage of used bikes for sale in recent months, we now have a wide range for sale including used hybrid bikes, commuting bikes and classic ladies shopping bikes.

Throughout the summer the workshop has been very busy with servicing and repairs work which allowed little time to find and prepare used bikes for sale. But with the winter approaching we are now less booked up, so have been able to source a few more second-hand bikes for sale. Click here to see the range currently available.


Open evenings in the workshopDIY open evenings in the workshop

The series of evening classes covering basic maintenance, brakes and gears announced in the last newsletter are now in full swing and have been very well attended, and we are preparing to launch another new service: open evenings at the workshop for customers to work on their own bikes. Aimed at those for whom the evening classes would be too basic, you will be able to use our specialist tools, professional workstands, and enjoy easy access to our stock of used and new parts, and although formal tuition will not be provided the expertise and advice of our staff will be available when it's required.

For £5 you will get the use of a workstand, apron, gloves, oil and grease, and more tools than you could possibly imagine as well as tea, coffee and biscuits. Initially the two-hour sessions will be run every few weeks whenever enough people are interested in attending. Eventually sessions will run weekly once the scheme is in full swing.


UPDATE: The "fix your own bike" evening sessions are now a regular weekly fixture - click here for details


Volunteer joins the crew

New volunteer Yael has joined us in the workshop. Yael, who already volunteers at the Kebele bike workshop in Easton on Wednesday afternoons, now spends one day a week at Jake's Bikes preparing bikes for sale, stripping down scrap bikes, and doing repair and maintenance work. A fast learner, Yael says she enjoys the opportunity to work on a wider variety of bikes than they normally see at Kebele.

Bike Valuation and Assessment

We have sometimes been asked to look over a customer's bike and advise on any work required or estimate a value before they sell it. Potential buyers also occasionally ask us whether a particular bike is worth what the seller is asking for it, or whether it is the right bike for them.

We have now formalised this service, offering a written assessment and valuation plus anti-theft check for £10. Whether you are the buyer or seller, all you need to do is make an appointment to bring the bike down to the workshop or drop it off and leave it with us. 


Please see following page on the Jake's Bikes website for more details.


Tip of the month: Chain Wear

Cycle chains wear out with use. In turn, a worn chain quickly wears the teeth on your cassette and chainrings. Once the teeth are significantly worn they will not work with a new chain, and the whole drivetrain must be replaced.
There are essentially two choices: replace the chain regularly, e.g. every 6 months, in order to preserve the cassette and chainset; or run the whole lot into the ground and then replace it all, e.g. every three years. Neither approach is categorically right or wrong, it is simply a matter of... READ MORE >>>


Guest Feature: register your bike at Immobilise

Online service allows you to register your bike so that if it ever gets stolen you stand a better chance of getting it back. The service is completely free and allows you to register property in your name, including any serial numbers and distinguishing marks. Police forces up and down the country use the online Immobilise database to reunite recovered property with its rightful owners, something which it is otherwise very difficult for them to do. You can even upload a photo of your bike to make identification easier, and if you bought a used bike from Jake's Bikes there is probably still a photo of it on our website ready for you to use. Go to to register your bike now.


These are archived newsletters, so information, specifications and prices may be out of date or incorrect by now

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