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Bicycles Previously for Sale - NOW SOLD

A few of the bikes which have now been sold


Hybrids - SOLD

A compromise between a road bike and a mountain bike, good for commuting and city use


Dutch-style bikes - SOLD

High handlebars for an upright riding position, ideal for cruising on flat terrain


Vintage and Classic Bicycles - SOLD

Older bikes in a traditional style


Touring Bikes - SOLD

Sturdy and comfortable bikes for long-distance cycling and cycle holidays


Mountain Bikes - SOLD

Off-road bikes, some of which have been converted for use as tough on-road bikes


Other Bikes - SOLD

Miscellaneous road bikes, singlespeeds and fixies, folding bikes and others



All products only available from our shop in central Bristol, not available online or by mail-order, sorry. However we can send gift vouchers by post.

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