Social Responsibility

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Think global, act local

  • Our whole ethos is to get 'normal' people cycling, rather than to provide the flashiest kit to the keenest cyclists. Women's-specific bikes, high handlebar conversions, cycle maintenance tuition for beginners and the provision of unpatronising advice and information all appeal to novice cyclists who traditionally tend to be let down by high street bike shops. And as we all know, the more people on bikes the better our urban social environment will be!

  • Locally owned, Bristol-based businesses are used for all outsourced work including frame repairs and modifications, frame painting, decal and transfer printing.

  • Wherever possible we use small, family-owned suppliers of components and bike parts in preference to buying from large shareholder-owned corporations.

  • Wherever possible we obtain local, UK-manufactured or European-manufactured goods, in that order of preference, in an effort to reduce transport distances.

  • All our furniture and some of our tools (and even our supply of tea bags) come from charity shops and the Bristol Wood Recycling Project, thereby supporting the good work of the charities and the recycling of goods (the tea bags are new fair trade ones, not recycled! Although we do compost them after use).

  • We bank with Triodos, an independent, ethical bank who invest heavily in renewable energy projects. 

  • All our computers are recycled, and only open-source software is used on our computers and web server, thus avoiding corporates like Microsoft and Apple.

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