Repair, don't replace

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Repair, don't replace

Less new stuff bought, less scrap landfilled

If you bring your 20-year old bike in for a service, we're not going to tell you that every component is obsolete and needs immediate replacement simply because they are no longer in fashion. We understand that pragmatism, familiarity and continuity can be more important than having the latest widgets. If your bike is very worn out or damaged we will be entirely honest with you and so sometimes we have to recommend not going ahead with repairs, but rest assured wherever possible we will offer repair instead of replacement.


Wherever possible whole bikes are donated to be recycled, e.g. to the Bristol Bike Project. Where a bike is damaged or is otherwise not reusable, its components are salvaged.


Tools and Materials

Salvaged, recycled or second-hand tools and materials are used wherever possible. Our bike trailer, tool cabinets and workshop shelves as well as some of our tools are sourced from jumble sales, charity shops, rubbish skips, and other non-new sources, including the excellent Bristol Wood Recycling Project.


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