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We've seen a number of customers recently who've neglected to pump up their tyres regularly, leading to all sorts of problems including frequent punctures, cracked tyre sidewalls - and simply finding the bike slow and inefficient to ride.

All inner tubes are slightly porous, so they will leak air over time. High quality inner tubes tend to leak more slowly than cheaper ones, but they all need to have their pressure topped up every now and then. On a road bike with skinny, high-pressure tyres you might need to do this every week. On a mountain bike with fat, low-pressure tyres you might only need to inflate them every couple of months. Medium width hybrid bike tyres should typically be checked every month or so.

If you hate pumping up your tyres and always find it really hard to do so, it's probably because your pump isn't quite up to the job. A decent track pump or foot pump makes light work of even high-pressure tyres, allowing you to top up your tyres in seconds. Why not invest £25 in a full-size track pump, or even get your employer to buy one that you can keep at work and share with cycling colleagues?

Alternatively we have mini-track pumps in stock which, although not quite as quick as a full-size one, are so much better than a conventional mini-pump but are still small enough to carry around with you.

Whatever method you choose, it's essential to check and top up your tyre pressures regularly to make cycling safe and easier.

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